CDSHiELD  is a home-made cd-protector application which provide a awesome security against hackers.

What's the benefits to using CDSHiELD ?:

  • Protect against unauthorised copying of the CD with a CD-Recorder using CD copying softwares.
  • Prevent users coying the contents of your CD-Rom to their hard drives and removing the original Master CD
  • Improve sales and revenues and protect yours developments investiments.
  • Protect your work at lower cost with royalties free

Which type of file can I protect using CDSHiELD ?:

  • Application Software
  • Training Products
  • Ebook Products
  • Presentations Products
  • Sensitives Informations (like databases) Products

How CDSHiELD can help me against piracy ?

CDSHiELD SE have this following features to help you against third harmfull party users or piracy:

    CD Protection:

    CDSHiELD protect your CD (before burning it) with putting volontary sectors-errors to prevent copying from third unauthorised persons.

    By this way, all unauthorised backup of your software (protected by CDSHiELD) copied on the hard drive without the 'master CD' (protected by CDSHiELD too), will result an inexploitable application

    CDSHiELD, since the 'SE' version, can also prevent hard drive ripping with a special option which force the users to launch the protected application from the CD only .

    Encryption of yours applications

    CDSHiELD encrypt automatically your application as  protection, So your application will stay unreadable without the (original) CD presense.

    CD-KEY Request addition: ( optional)

    This option permit to put a 'private' security key inside your private application  by this way, your application cannot be launched without the 'real' key. this key is also encrypted and hidden against hackers, very hard to break for no-professionals crackers. Also, the input key is strongly protected against malicious users who would steal the 'CD-Key code' using keyloggers or similar products.

    CDSHiELD  was  made specially for every singles persons which would protects low quantity CD and also small compagny which can't expand more money to protects theirs productions at expensive pricing costs.


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